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Why ZAP Business Intelligence?

Zap Business Intelligence brings together all the key BI capabilities you need, including scorecards, dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs), analysis, reporting, and report packs – all in a user-friendly web portal. Key features of Zap Business Intelligence include: 

  • User friendly and designed to be used from the CEO to the shop floor, Zap Business Intelligence software requires minimal training to use.

  • Web-based with everything you need in one portal. Zap Business Intelligence contains all your BI functionality – performance dashboards, business analysis, reporting and performance scorecards – with no software to install or maintain for end users.

  • Low maintenance for your IT department. As a web-based, zero footprint BI solution, Zap is fast to roll out and maintain.

  • Highly scalable to grow with your business. Zap Business Intelligence is used by small to medium businesses, right through to enterprises with thousands of users in multiple geographic locations.

  • Analyse any type of data from your business systems. Zap Business Intelligence software takes data from any system, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Finance, Payroll, Sales, Manufacturing, Point-of-Sale, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and presents a unified picture of how your business is doing.

  • Microsoft-based and affordable. You don’t pay for proprietary tools, and you can make use of your existing investment in Microsoft® technology.

  • Key Functionality

  • Analysis - Often known as “slice and dice” or OLAP (online analytical processing), business analysis lets you quickly investigate multiple dimensions, such as sales per product, per region, per year, to reveal trends that might not be easily discovered when viewing standard reports. Zap Business Intelligence allows business users to build complex analyses by using an intuitive drag and drop interface.

  • Report Packs – Provide a unified platform for producing financial and management reports. The user simply drags and drops required reports, enters comments, text, images, a title page, table of contents, and generates the PDF report pack ready for distribution.

  • Scorecards – A collection of metrics that measure each key performance indicator (KPI) against target, with the results compared with the previous time period.

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – measure performance against target. Users of Zap Business Intelligence can select from a wide variety of dials.

  • Dashboards - Business dashboards include charts, graphs, gauges and tables so you can easily make sense of complex data from your business systems at a glance. Dashboards in Zap Business Intelligence are easily created through a drag and drop interface, and provide the ability to add filters and drill through to more detailed underlying reports.

  • Download the ZAP-BI CRM Solution here
    Download the ZAP-BI Great Plains Solution here

    More about ZAP Business Intelligence

    For more information about ZAP Business Intelligence call 02 9212 4588

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