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Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online?

When you want CRM in the cloud that is flexible, scalable. For outstanding value and business insights, there’s no comparison to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online®. This cloud-based solution offers real advantages over the competition. Because Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online works with Microsoft® Outlook®, you can automate workflows across sales, marketing, and operations in a way that others can’t offer—and at a reasonable price point. What’s more, the resulting time savings can help your team focus energies away from routine administrative tasks and toward improving your business. Plus, higher levels of customer (and team) satisfaction can help you retain talent and win business. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, you can:


Help improve the accuracy of your revenue projections, instantly track sales quota versus attainment and identify key trends for deals won or lost. With easy access to graphical data you can trust, you can make better decisions at every turn—which can make a real difference in your bottom line.


Work smarter and gain actionable insight into your campaigns with intelligent marketing and analytics capabilities. Then, manage your marketing pipeline with precision and deliver only the messages you know will drive leads with real-time tracking of results.


Focus on great customer service, rather than learning new technologies, with reliable and accessible customer care functionality in a familiar Microsoft® Outlook® application. Plus, with access to complete case and customer data, you can respond to cases faster to help improve customer retention.

If you’re considering any other CRM, you should seriously evaluate both its functionality and pricing options. To get a detailed CRM Comparison Guide or learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online can help your business contact us

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