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Payroll for Dynamics

Why Payroll for Dynamics?

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Payroll specifically developed for the Microsoft Dynamics range of accounting packages

- Interfaces to Dynamics GP

- Interfaces to Dynamics NAV

- Interfaces to Dynamics AX

- Interfaces to Dynamics SharePoint

- Setup a single company or multiple companies in a single or multiple databases

- Employee Information: Records all HR information for the employee including copies of any relevant documents.

- Pay History: recall any previous pay details from back to when the employee started on this payroll.

- Optional Networked Time Clocks either local or remote over the internet.

The pay process simple and easy to operate steps that provide powerful functions while keeping the payroll procedures manageable and precise. Now with GreatPay Enterprise, a web interface or Microsoft SharePoint interface, will allow employees to send applications for leave and requests and updating their details directly to the pay office. This greatly reduces the load on the Payroll Staff and organises these requests into a manageable format.

Built on a platform for growth, GreatPay can interface to Microsoft Office and Accounting Packages and a powerful time clock/time sheet attendance collection system. GreatPay integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV and Dynamics AX accounting software. Interface to Dynamics General Ledger Chart of Accounts including Dimensions and Dimension Values.

At the end of the payroll process transactions are posted as a bank transaction to expense accounts, bank accounts and superannuation accounts within the Dynamics Accounting systems.

Optional Networked Time Clocks either local or remote over the internet. Time and attendance information can be monitored and manipulated by the payroll department to process the pays for each employee. The final time attendance information can be transferred to GreatPay where the employees pay is then processed. Pass cards or employee finger prints can be used to log on and off at the time clock sites.

GreatPay is designed for use by managers, payroll clerks and administrative staff. It is intuitive to use, presents a similar look-and-feel to Microsoft Outlook and it interfaces with other well known Microsoft applications that your staff is likely to be familiar with. Users are prompted to the appropriate information at each stage and data entry is conducted on screens that will be familiar to anyone who has used a spread sheet before.

What the customers say

"We have found the GreatPay solution exactly that -a fantastic payroll solution that enables us to directly upload our payroll into Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains. It enables us to use our accounting package to its full potential all in one step with our payroll requirements”

"The ease of operations is what stands the Payroll out from other Payroll packages in the market. We required a payroll solution to go with Dynamics GP and GreatPay ticked most of the boxes. It is reasonably priced for its powerful features like EFT Files, Dynamics Integration, SharePoint interface and faster pay processing.”

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