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Time & Expense Data [EntryAnytime, Anywhere ]

In a growing percentage of companies, many employees perform their work remotely, or their responsibilities take them offsite—and keeping track of their time and expense reports can be a challenge. The Project Series enables these employees to record and submit timesheets and expense reports electronically in a variety of ways from any location .

Project Series TimeReporter gives employees the opportunity to submit time and expenses on their personal data assistant (PDA). This wireless technology also allows managers to approve employee time and expenses via their PDA, enabling them to electronically synchronize the approvals when it’s most convenient.

Project Series eTimesheets provides another medium for collecting time – but over the Internet. In real-time, employee timesheets can be submitted and approved, updating the Project Series for invoicing and reporting purposes.

Project Series Personal Data Keeper (PDK) allows employees and managers to submit and approve time and expenses using their laptop PCs.

The PDK is designed to accompany employees wherever their work takes them. In or out of the office, employees can enter time and expenses into PDK offline, synchronizing their laptops via a telephone connection when it’s available. Because PDK application is small—only 30 megabytes—and requires little computing horsepower, employees need not have expensive, high-end computers.

Whether time and expenses are captured via the Internet, in a wireless environment, or offline, you can be assured that information is centralized and data collection is simplified, replacing spreadsheets and word-processing documents that weren’t designed to be project tracking tools. As a result, employees spend less time on project management tasks and more time on the projects themselves. Managers can monitor timesheets and expense reports using any Project Series time and expense application and can either approve them or return them to the employee for corrections, if necessary. In addition, managers are alerted when a timesheet is expected, but hasn’t been filed; client billing need never be delayed because the paperwork isn’t ready.

TimeReporter, eTimesheets and PDK are standalone applications that connect only to the Project Series; business records elsewhere in the eEnterprise system are inaccessible by the employee. The result is that employees have full access to the information they need to do project reporting, but unrelated information isn’t compromised in the process.

Employees also can use any of the three applications to print reports and perform inquiries on historical information, giving them access to valuable project information and improving their productivity even when they don’t have access to the systems in the home office.

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