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How eCommerce works:
eCommerce helps you set up and manage your storefront on the Web, allowing you to create a fast, effective digital pipeline to your customers. eCommerce offers industry-leading tools for building sales, reducing costs and helping your company more efficiently capture sales in the networked marketplace.You can set up a storefront on the World Wide Web, manage item pricing and quantities, apply business logic to transactions, and transfer orders to your Microsoft Great Plains eEnterprise system.

Built on the latest Microsoft technologies - eCommerce employs Microsoft’s COM technology to link eEnterprise to your storefront built on Microsoft Site Server Commerce Edition, and Microsoft SQL Server, delivering a powerful, stable, affordable technology foundation.

Eliminates the need to re-enter items and prices - You still have complete control over creating your own Web store, but once you decide how your store works, eCommerce populates your store with item descriptions, pricing, even images captured in your inventory records. And, if a price changes in your inventory record, that change is automatically reflected on your Web site.The eCommerce application is connected to replicated, storefront databases that operates independently of the eEnterprise databases. Sales order data is queued, or lined up for transmission, between your front office and back office databases.

Seamless integration with your business systems - Customer records are automatically created in your eEnterprise customer file, and customer-specific and unit-of-measure pricing are automatically displayed for each customer. Full sales tax calculation means you automatically comply with sales tax collection rules. And General Ledger account information is updated automatically as orders are processed. Customers can enter orders, view existing orders, check pricing and item availability, or browse through a catalog, regardless of whether the back office server is up and running.

All the benefits of Microsoft Site Server Commerce Edition - eCommerce is optimized to work with Site Server, so you get the Order Processing Pipeline, Microsoft Wallet, industry-standard security and all the tools that come with Site Server to help you build a professional, world-class Web store.

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