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eOrder enables your customers and salespeople to:

Enter orders online. From anywhere, at anytime, your customers and salespeople can enter their own orders, safely and securely.

Take advantage of customer-level pricing. Preferred pricing for preferred customers is a snap with eOrder, so your customers get the price they expect every time they order from you.

View order status online. Customers and salespeople can instantly see how their order is progressing, whenever they want to, without having to call your sales desk.

eOrder is an out-of-the-box Internet storefront that integrates seamlessly with your eEnterprise or Dynamics for Microsoft SQL Server business management system.

Your customers and salespeople will appreciate being able to order from you directly over the Internet, saving them time and increasing the accuracy of their orders. And you’ll love eOrder because it’s easy to implement and easy to cost-justify. What’s more, the eOrder information is seamlessly integrated into your business management solution, so Internet orders pass directly into your order entry systems and all product and pricing information is always accurate.

eOrder helps you: 

Generate more revenue. eOrder is a nearly effortless way to increase your sales by making it easier for your customers to order the products they need, when they need them.

Improve your sales efficiency. eOrder means your customers can order when it’s convenient for THEM, wherever they are, because you’ll be open for business around the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And you won’t have to add costly order desk staff. 

Increase customer retention. By helping your customers increase their productivity, you’ll increase customer satisfaction and give them one more reason to do business with you, instead of the competition. 

Increase the accuracy and efficiency of your sales order process. Customer orders are entered directly into your sales order processing system, saving your order entry staff time and eliminating the errors that can result from re-entering orders.

Eliminate costly order entry errors. You can eliminate cumbersome and error-prone fax, telephone and mail orders, speeding your response time, avoiding re-entry errors and getting accurate orders out to the customer faster. 

Eliminate "just checking" calls. eOrder enables customers to enter orders AND review their order status at any time. This means they can find out instantly whether their order has been processed and fulfilled. 

Empower your sales force. By enabling employees to place orders electronically and securely over the Internet, sales executives across the country and around the world can enter and review their orders at any time and without making you duplicate order entry and review efforts. 

Easy to implement, easy to maintain - No need to create an e-commerce storefront, because eOrder provides one out of the box. eOrder lets you decide which items in your inventory you wish to offer to your customers, and takes care of the rest of the details for you. Trained employees can simply add a new item to Inventory, choose to have it displayed in the eOrder storefront, and auto generate an active server page for that item. 

Easy to learn, easy to use - Customers and salespeople will have no difficulty filling out their own orders with this simple to understand and use product. 

Integrated with your business management system - Items, prices and quantities are all stored in your Dynamics for Microsoft SQL or eEnterprise business management system, so there’s no need to maintain two disparate systems. When you update prices in the business management system, your eOrder solution will automatically display the new prices. Orders entered in eOrder are automatically recorded in sales order processing for fast approval and fulfillment.

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