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Microsoft Reporting Services (New reporting tools for your SQL database)

Reporting Services

Reporting services is the new reporting tool developed by Microsoft. Reporting services incorporates a host of new functions to create, manage, and deploy web based reports, never seen before in other reporting tools.

Some of the great features of Reporting Services include:

  • Reporting services is managed in a web environment. Reports are immediately available from a browser from any computer on the network.

  • Deployment of reports can be tailored to specific needs. Reports can be exported to many different formats including PDF, Excel and Word. Reports can be set to be emailed to users at a specified time period or when data changes.

  • Report history snapshots. A snap shot of a report can be taken and stored to provide precise report history.

  • All reports are stored in SQL Server, and are managed using a web application. This allows greater report organisation.

  • Reporting Services is a free add-on with any SQL Server license.

  • More at Microsoft Reporting Services


    Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Office (VSTO)
    Takes Excel pivot tables a stage further

    Microsoft Office 2003 supports Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO). This allows custom functionality and actions, written using the power and productivity of the .NET framework, to be incorporated into office 2003 documents. This opens up office to functionality that was never possible with macros and VBA.

    Some of the great features of VSTO for Excel 2003 include:

  • Excel is a great reporting tool. Almost every office person is familiar with the Excel functions which perform aggregations and similar functions. Using VSTO to extract data and display it in Excel allows those users to use their excel skills to derive more information out of the report.

  • Interactive reporting is possible with VSTO and Excel. Double clicking on a cell could perform a drilldown where the detail data is extracted into a new worksheet. Or data could be edited in Excel causing an update to the database, subject to security and any other user restrictions.

  • Refreshing Excel data in real-time. The problem with many Excel spreadsheets is the data gets out of date. With VSTO a spreadsheet could be easily programmed to refresh every time it is loaded or any user specified time period.

  • Custom smart tags can be linked into your document to perform custom actions. For example in Excel when a Microsoft Great Plains user enters a project number a smart tag appears allowing the user to pull all the project details into a new worksheet.

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