What is Cloud Migration?

Cloud Migration brings all your business’ data together in one secure place.

The Cloud offers flexibility, reliability and scalability to your teams by allowing them to collaborate and access important information centrally.

By moving data, IP and valuable files to The Cloud, you can ensure an easy shift to the Dynamics 365 platform. Orion assists in streamlining your business’ cloud migration by tailoring a migration process that fits your requirements.


The Benefits of Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration provides protection and privacy by storing and syncing your data in highly secured centres. By migrating your Dynamics 365 to the Cloud, your business can improve collaboration and productivity as it allows your employees to access, edit and share files from any device.

Key benefits include:

Improve security, privacy and reliability

Enable scalability and flexibility

Freeing up IT resources

Bring All your Data together

Increase collaboration and productivity

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How Orion helps your business with Cloud Migration

At Orion, we are your Dynamics 365 Cloud Migration specialists. We assist with migration to the Microsoft Cloud, Private Clouds or Hybrid Cloud. We assist in transforming your business by making sure you’re highly functioning, productive and flexible in your integration and implementation of Dynamics 365. Orion provides insights and step by step assistance in your migration process into The Cloud to ensure a seamless transfer of important files and data.

Cloud Migration is all part of your business’ big picture. When implemented correctly, the whole Dynamics 365 suite can help you run your entire business seamlessly and more effectively.

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