What is Implementation of Dynamics 365?

Have you considered Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your organisation?

Dynamics 365 is a powerful and comprehensive platform that can evolve the way you do business by revolutionising everything from how your sales team manage their database of clients, to improving your marketing with data, streamlining customer service, and much more. However, the Dynamics 365 platform is very comprehensive ‘out of the box’, and to get the best outcomes, it’s essential to tailor it directly to your business’ needs.


Why do businesses need help to Implement Dynamics 365?

Unfortunately, not many businesses realise that Dynamics 365 needs to be customised to get the optimal use out of the platform. Without this, the initial experience can be overwhelming. While Dynamics 365 can be flexible, it needs to be configured in the right way to ensure you experience all of the benefits from the start. This is where Orion can help you – through the Dynamics 365 Implementation service. The process consists of the following four steps:

step 1


Business Analysis

This involves extensive planning sessions and design workshops with Orion to undertake a thorough analysis of your business. We discuss your needs, project scope, goals, business process flows, reporting needs and success factors.

step 2


Design and Development

Once we understand your business, we design, build and customise the Dynamics 365 platform according to the specific requirements of your business. The process is Agile with constant feedback allowing you to see your solution unfold

step 3



Next, we plan the roll out with you so Dynamics 365 it launched seamlessly into your business. Orion assists by deploying, migrating your data, integrating with other tools and processes as well as providing end user training

step 4



Once your system is live, Orion provides extensive ongoing support, offering guidance and expert training to your management and staff. We also troubleshoot any problems and ensure maximum uptake as well as long term ROI for your solution.

The Benefits of Dynamics 365 Implementation

Orion's Dynamics 365 implementation services enables your business to save time, money and effort, while ensuring that the platform offers you the benefits you’re expecting. With proper planning and execution of your Dynamics 365 implementation you will gain the following benefits:

  • Dynamics 365 will be tailored to your business
  • You get everything you need and nothing you don’t
  • Staff will be far more accepting and prepared for the change
  • Projects will run more smoothly
  • Systems won’t be too complex to handle
  • Results will be delivered with no frustration
  • Potential problems will be addressed immediately
  • A significant return on investment will be attained

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How Orion helps you with implementing Dynamics 365 into your business

At Orion, we are your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation specialists. Our team has implemented Dynamics 365 into many businesses of all sizes and industries including government agencies, industry Associations and Not for Profits. This means you’re working with experienced professionals in Australia. We work closely with your business from the start to finish to ensure that the Dynamics 365 platform is optimised to revolutionise your business.

To assist you, we facilitate various implementation activities like business analysis, project planning, the installation of applications and software, configuring and integrating systems, supporting your operations through proper maintenance of the Dynamics 365 platform and providing training to your employees. With proper implementation, Orion guarantees that Dynamics 365 will provide the best business-wide solution for your needs – right from the start.

Dynamics 365 Implementation is all part of your business’ big picture. When implemented correctly, the whole Dynamics 365 suite can help you run your entire business seamlessly and more effectively.


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