What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a Microsoft web-based platform that you can utilise together with Dynamics 365 to store, organise and share information, reports and documents across your entire business. Apart from its document and content management capabilities, SharePoint also allows your business to have its own website portal that aids in streamlining your employees’ access to data and resources. With SharePoint, you can ensure efficient dissemination of information, dynamic synergy between your teams and seamless workflows across your organisation.


The benefits of SharePoint

By enabling a convenient sharing of knowledge and resources, SharePoint acts as an effective and secure collaboration tool that drives productivity in your business. SharePoint also offers the following advantages:

  • Provides tools and components to allow your business to make solutions suited for your needs.
  • Contains document types, retention policies and automatic content sorting that enables your business to manage content seamlessly.
  • Allows your team to locate information easily through the platform’s powerful search.
  • Provides sites for every project team, division and department to permit the rapid flow of ideas, decisions and actions.

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How Orion helps you with SharePoint

SharePoint enhances the way you operate your business by assisting in the management of information and integration of processes. At Orion, we are your SharePoint implementation specialists. To help you achieve optimal security, data protection and remote access, we modify and facilitate SharePoint to fit your business perfectly. To see how Orion can implement SharePoint into your business to get the most benefit from the platform, see our Dynamics Implementation Services page.


SharePoint is all part of your business’ big picture. When implemented correctly, the whole Dynamics 365 suite can help you run your entire business seamlessly and more effectively.

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